Move Administer Version 1584 Released


Move Administer version is officially released today.

History of Changes (1578 to 1584)

Move Administer

: The customer browse no longer allows sorting by clicking on the column headers, instead there is now a combo to the left of the yellow locator text box – You will find this on a few of the browses now, such as Corporate, Corporate Customer, Internet, Baggage, etc.
CHANGE: The customer browse now shows only Active customers, until you click on the Archived checkbox in the bottom left, which when checked will only show Archived customers, unlike previously where it would show Archived with Active, therefore all. This change, together with the relevant table changes now provides a massive speed increase to those that are archiving customers on a regular basis – You will also find this on the Corporate, Corporate Customer, Internet & Baggage browses

: Invoice run will only process Active customers

: When importing an email address that has been given more than one email, therefore separated by a semicolon, no customer name will be imported. So ‘Mr C Wynn ‘, which didn’t work, will now simply become ‘;’
CHANGE: Mass production of letters will only be for Active Customers and Corporates

: Mass printing of statements will only be for Active Customers and Corporates

: You can now export prospects using the Export Wizard (Actions -> Export Prospects)
ADDITION: You can now export prospects to iMail (Actions -> Export Prospects to imail), see for further information or call 02477 711 400 (ext. 5249) and speak with Scott Simpson for further information
CHANGE: Mass emailing of Baggage and/or Internet enquiries is now only for Active enquiries
CHANGE: Archive Customers now only processes Active Customers

Additional Modules

Archive Administer
: Activity report now shows the Street of Address

Self Storage Administer
: Querying Occupied Units now works as expected
CHANGE: Invoice run will only process Active customers

: Baggage, Corporate, Customer, Internet


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