Move Administer Version 1541 Released

Posted by Colin Wynn on Apr 28, 2016 in Archive Administer, Move Administer, Product Update |

Move Administer version is officially released today.

History of Changes (1538 to 1541)

Move Administer

The ‘VAT/IPT Rate Adjustments’ item on the Tools Menu has been modified to only deal with the forthcoming Insurance Premium Tax increase to 10% on October 1st

A detailed Turnover report now has a fixed width on the name so that long names don’t obliterate the Customer ID and amounts
ADDITION: A Release Picking List report is now available under storage which will print a list of containers due for release for the period providing, and it will include conventional items should any exist (Reports -> Storage -> Release Picking List) – Please note, if the storage job has NO containers then the conventional items WILL NOT BE LISTED

*Foreman declaration text that referred to British Standards has been replaced
CHANGE: *Foreman declaration text that referred to British Standards has been replaced

ADDITION: 1 new security door

Additional Modules

Archive Administer
Activity report now allows to choose Destruction activity only
CHANGE: Activity report now totals Destroyed Items and Contents


* After detailed consultation with Chris Waymouth, Chief Executive of QSS (Quality Service Standards Ltd) it was decided that reference to the British Standards on both the Crewsheets and Waybills be simplified with no reference to said standards.
Many thanks to Chris for his valued time on this.


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