Reset Concurrent User (ResetCU) Changes

Posted by Colin Wynn on Jan 25, 2016 in Move Administer, Product Update |

As a result of companies being able to log more users into Move Administer than their licence allows we have been forced to make changes to ResetCU.

In the past ResetCU has just kept a simple counter on how many people are concurrently logged in, incrementing as people log in and decrementing as people log out. However, together with keeping the simple counter we now log the Login Date, Login Time, Username, Initials, PC Username, PC Name, PC IP Address, and simply remove them from the log as they log out.

You will now be able to see who is logged in by choosing Help -> System Information, from within Move Administer and User Administer. This is an ideal way to see any duplicated users, or users who have a login date of ‘days’ ago – both cases possibly being due to crashes, leaving Move Administer thinking they are still logged in and therefore taking up one of your valuable user licences.

So, rather than having to get everyone out of Move Administer in order to run ResetCU you can now run ResetCU and reset the connection of the user(s) you believe are not actually logged in. However, beware and use with caution, do not reset a user that is actually logged in as this may cause data loss or damage, as you will be made aware when you press the Reset button.

And please note, every time ResetCU is ran and the Reset button is pressed an audit is created to inform us of who ran ResetCU, who pressed the Reset button and the initials of the user reset.

Our apologies if you now have a need for additional users, but these are readily available for a mere cost of £500 per user, with your annual support increasing by £165 per user.

Prices shown are excluding VAT.


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