Move Administer Version 1518 Released

Move Administer version is officially released today.

History of Changes (1506 to 1518)

Move Administer

: When a container is released it is automatically moved to the holding bay (see below for further information)

: You can now ‘manually’ add Mail Merge Tokens to the Email Subject field of all Email Correspondence
CHANGE: When attaching invoices/credits to emails invoices/credits marked as hidden are no longer available
FIX: When attachments are automatically send with the Appointment Email the description of the attachment is now set to the filename making this visible on the Attachments tab when you open the Email Correspondence in future
ADDITION: When prompted to prospect the destination address the destination address is now shown within the message window
ADDITION: When prompted to print a prospect address label the address is now shown within the message window

: If a customer end storage within the invoiced period then the credit no longer says ‘… from dd/mm/yyyy to end of storage on dd/mm/yyyy …’, it now just says ‘… from dd/mm/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy …’

: Storage Invoice Run now highlights those customers where ‘skip printing of invoice from invoice run’ is checked by printing an ‘s’ at the end of the row
ADDITION: You can now get a Container List report showing all Containers, whether occupied or empty (Reports -> Storage -> Container List)

: Survey Options Type now has more options (Tools -> Options -> Removal -> Survey)
ADDITION: You can now set a Holding Bay to automatically relocate the container too once storage has ended (Tools -> Options -> Defaults -> Storage -> General Tab) Please note: You must have Bay References setup in order to do this (Tools -> Options -> Storage -> Warehouse Bays)

: You can now mass import the TwentyCI rental property leads
CHANGE: For those who we print the TSI badge we have replaced it with the latest one, as reported in April 2015 issue of Removals & Storage
CHANGE: For those who we print the Primary Authority Terms & Conditions we have removed the Red Text at the top of all 3 pages and added it to the final page under the © text, as reported in the BAR Newsletter – Issue 176

ADDITION: The Removal Events Browse of the Event Diary has had Origin Street, Origin Town, Origin County, Origin Postal Code, Destination Street, Destination Town, Destination County and Destination Postal Code columns added, which unfortunately will reset any customisation you have made to this browse
ADDITION: 3 new security doors

Additional Modules

Archive Administer Lite
: You can now import Items and Contents from a CSV file from the Actions menu of the Customer Archive Items Browse – Please see the blog here for more detailed information on how to use this new feature

Self Storage Administer
: Unit Availability now lists ALL unit descriptions
ADDITION: Units can now be entered on mass without a prefix or suffix

ADDITION: You can now get a Unit List report showing all Units, whether occupied or empty (Reports -> Self Storage -> Unit List)

: Survey, StorageDefaults


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