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Posted by Colin Wynn on Jul 29, 2005 in Move Administer |

Street Map Ever wanted to get a map of the appointment, origin or destination address but someone else has the atlas?

Well fear no more!

Built into Move Administer is the facility to map any of those addresses, and guess what??? They don’t have to be UK addresses either!

Sounds good??? Well there’s more!!!

Not only does Move Administer provide maps, it will even produce you journey directions from one address to the other!!!

And the journey directions provide turn-by-turn callout maps too!!!

And how about if the journey is across Europe?

So how does it all work I hear you ask?

Well we dont use any other software, like Microsoft’s AutoRoute or MapPoint, instead we use Microsoft’s MSN Mapping website, which is powered by MapPoint anyway, so you get maps that many of you will recognise from using AutoRoute in the past. All thats needed for this facility is a connection to the internet.

We’ll place an online demonstration of this feature in due course, so keep checking back.

Journey Routing
Journey Routing

Journey Directions
Journey Directions

European Journey Routing
European Journey Routing



  • David Dale says:

    Hi Colin,
    All good stuff not sure how good the European mapping is but no doubt time will tell.



  • Colin Wynn says:

    Hi David, well it is pretty good actually, I did an article on interfacing with MSN maps for the Clarion community recently and provided an example database of Football grounds, and included many from Europe.

    A good test is to try the website directly,, the user interface is very simple to use, which is why I chose to use MSN. Alternatively if you send me a few addresses I’d be more than willing to test them 🙂 Google maps is another that is looking very good for the future, the maps of USA and Canada now have satellite imagery too, as do parts of the UK presently.

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