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Posted by Colin Wynn on Aug 4, 2010 in Archive Administer, Product Update, Under Development |

archive AdministerWe thought we’d provide a little information and screenshots regarding Archive Administer which is currently under development.

Archive Administer will be available in 2 forms, as an additional module to Move Administer and as a separate standalone system, ideal for those starting out in Records Management. Archive Administer is designed to address the management of collection, delivery, destruction and storage of archive items and contents if necessary.

Archive Administer allows quick entry of archive data via user friendly wizards. When entering items, Archive Administer records the storage medium (archive box/x-ray/tube/magnetic media/etc), category (sales/purchases/payroll/etc), destruction review date (which can be calculated), the location (including warehouse if multiple warehouses are used) and position of the item within your storage facility, toegther with a note of the item (and it’s contents) and searchable keywords.

A great feature of Archive Administer is the ability to change items (and contents) on mass via user friendly wizards, ideal for when a bulk if items are moved from one storage location to another for example!

Customer Wizard
Customer Wizard

Item Form
Item Form

When creating a Docket you can add items/contents for collection and items/contents for delivery. The Docket can then be printed and handed to the driver for the customer to sign upon completion of the collection/delivery. A separate Warehouse Docket can also be printed to show where the chosen items are located within the storage facility and where they are to be returned.

Docket Wizard
Docket Wizard

Archive Administer is now in the advanced stage of developement and will soon be available for beta testing.

More to follow…



  • I am looking forward to playing with these new features when they’re ready, but please don’t make it too expensive:)

  • Colin Wynn says:

    Well they aren’t too far away, shall I put your name down on the beta test list? You would then be entitled to a discount on the purchase, but it wont be that expensive.

    We’re thinking £750 for Archive Administer Lite and £1,500 for Archive Administer Pro (which will do invoicing – probably not available until 2011), which are additional modules for those using Move Administer.

    We’ll also have an Archive Administer Desktop (same features of Lite) that doesn’t require Move Administer and therefore we’re thinking £750 for a single user version and £1,000 for a mult user version.

    But these are subject to change, up or down 🙂

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